Anaglyph Studios

Innovative and unique outdoor living designs for homeowners.

From contemporary swimming pool designs to more traditional styles, the key to creating a sophisticated swimming pool is to complement the surrounding landscape rather than compete with it. This key concept entails carefully choosing the plant material that will be surrounding the pool. Having our design enables you to interchange and visualize different alternatives prior to having the project permanently installed.

Our designs are made to transform every outdoor space by implementing a combination of sustainable plant material, functional living areas, and creative hardscape designs to ensure the end product truly is your dream yard.

If you’re making plans for summer or simply dreaming of it on a dreary winter day, dive into these serene swimming pool designs for a luxurious escape.
Our mission
Our services will prepare building plan check applications and the reproductions of construction document sets per corresponding city requirements. As well as the submital of construction document sets to local planning & building departments for review & approval.